In our green vacation home Lieblingseck you will spend an unforgettable holiday at Lake Chiemsee.

"Sustainable, smart and modern equipped vacation apartment Lieblingseck in Gstadt at Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany."

In our green vacation home Lieblingseck with lake view, you will spend an unforgettable holiday in the Chiemgau area in Bavaria.


Our sustainable and modern vacation rental in Gstadt am Chiemsee was built by us with great dedication and sensitivity. Much of our house was built with heart and soul and with our own efforts.

Our eco friendly holiday home was furnished, equipped and designed with a mix of styles, including antique furniture and furnishings from the Biedermeier and Art Nouveau periods and modern furniture by renowned designers.

In our modern and comprehensively equipped kitchen you will find everything you need to prepare your food and drinks.

The cosy sofa can be converted into a comfortable bed in just a few easy steps. This means that there is another sleeping option available in the living room.

Soap and shower gel are vegan and microplasic-free – the shower towels are made of especially fluffy Egyptian cotton.

Two backpacks hang in the wardrobe for your undertakings and our pillow menu ensures your good night’s sleep, where you can choose the one that suits you best from various models.

"Terrace with lake view for our Chiemgau vacationers of the green vacation home Lieblingseck in Gstadt at Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany."
View from the living room to the garden and Lake Chiemsee
"Sustainable furnishings and natural materials are important to us at favorite corner vacation home, Chiemgau, Bavaria, Germany."
The sustainability of our green holiday home is very important to us

Holistic Sustainability

Holistic or comprehensive sustainability refers to a comprehensive approach to preserving and promoting the environment, society and the economy. In contrast to purely ecologically oriented approaches, holistic sustainability also takes social and economic aspects into account.

Holistic sustainability aims to achieve a balance between the environment, society and the economy in order to ensure long-term well-being for all.
This requires an integrated approach that takes into account different interests and perspectives and creates synergies between environmental, social and economic goals.

These circumstances also contributed to the fact that many of these ideas were also used in the furnishings and fittings of the apartment. This is reflected in the loving little details that give our vacation apartment its very own character.

Such a Chiemsee vacation will remain in your memory for a correspondingly longer period of time, allowing you to escape from everyday life a little more every day.

A Chiemgau vacation in the sustainable vacation apartment “Lieblingseck” which means “favourite corner” provides a relaxed form of rethinking and genuine relaxation.


The centrally controlled ventilation system is also an important part of our efficient, safe and hygienic environment concept.

Filtered fresh air is constantly supplied through the system. This is pre-heated or pre-cooled according to the seasons. With the help of another geothermal heat exchanger it is fed into the individual rooms to ensure a pleasant climate at all times. With an energy recovery of 95%, the air exchange takes place up to 18 times a day in our sustainable holiday rental.

This also contributes to increased safety in times of Covid-19 or flu.

Our green house is becoming self-sufficient.

Thanks to our photovoltaic system and an intelligent battery storage system, our house produces more than twice as much energy as we consume ourselves in total. This turns our holiday home itself into a small “power station”.

Our exclusively water-saving fittings help to minimise water consumption. The garden plot is irrigated with stored rainwater. All cosmetics and cleansers are biodegradable and microplasic-free.

In addition to avoiding (plastic) waste, the waste that nevertheless accumulates is separated.

"Ecology and effective energy use is particularly important in the Lieblingseck vacation home in Gstadt at Lake Chiemsee."
Effective use of all energy resources
"Smart home push buttons switch help to control and automate at the luxurious vacation home in Gstadt am Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany."
Smart home switch, green holiday home "Lieblingseck" at Lake Chiemsee

smart home

Our holiday home is the first smart home vacation rental at the Lake Chiemsee and the Chiemgau area in Bavaria.

In addition to a modern and economical furnishing concept, our “Lieblingseck” offers you the comforts of a smart home that automatically takes care of numerous processes for you during your stay.

The eco friendly holiday home has a fast WLAN network with 250 MBit/s free of charge.

The “Schlafen” (sleeping) button on your bedside table centrally switches off all consumers that are not needed and possible LED lights that are still burning with a “click”.

For example, when you go to the fridge or the bathroom at night, your path is automatically illuminated discreetly so that you can see everything, but do not have to wake up completely from a deep sleep.

The intelligent energy management system learns the habits of its users, takes weather data into account and compares these with the energy consumption behaviour of the residents and the energy storage behaviour of the lithium battery.

This ensures, for example, that there is always enough, but not too much hot water available for the residents.

The garden

We have a private terrace for our Chiemgau vacationer. Enjoy your breakfast or a glass of wine here at summer temperatures, or just the view of Lake Chiemsee.

In your e-bike garage you will find, among other things, a barbecue & deckchairs. In winter there are two wooden sledges.

In your living area, a  6m² panoramic window awaits you, allowing you a generous view of the garden.

"Terrace with lake view for our Chiemgau vacationers of the green vacation home Lieblingseck in Gstadt at Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany."
View from the green vacation domicile Lieblingseck to Lake Chiemsee
"You can charge your electrical car at our Favorite Corner, through the wallbox with self-produced energy."
Equipped with a wallbox you can directly charge your car


For our guests is a parking space reserved in front of the house. This is equipped with a power connection type 2 for a wallbox, with which you can charge your car with preferably self-produced electricity.

There is a jute bag in your vacation home for your daily shopping, as well as compostable paper bags for fruit & vegetables to avoid packaged, or plastic film wrapped food. You are also welcome to take the bag home with you.

good to know

Our 58sqm luxuary equipped vacation home is suitable for allergy sufferers.

Children are welcome, but our vacation home is not completely childproof.

Unfortunately pets are not allowed. The Lieblingseck is a non-smoking vacation apartment.
You can find our house rules here and in the house folder in the flat. There you will find a lot more information and tips on the sustainable use of our holiday home.

"An apple as a bedtime snack is ready for every guest of the Lieblingseck vacation apartment on Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany."
Bedtime snack of the green holiday apartment at Lake Chiemsee
"Near the Lieblingseck there are numerous restaurants, and local grocery as well as the landing stage of the Chiemsee ferries to the Fraueninsel."
Bavarian tradition & culture in Chiemgau area and Lake Chiemsee

near by

In the immediate vicinity of our eco friendly holiday home on Lake Chiemsee you will find several restaurants where you can indulge in culinary Bavarian and international delicacies. We are also happy to pass on our personal recommendations.

Our Edeka grocery shop with bakery also open on Sunday mornings, is only 50 metres from the apartment.

Opposite our village shop you can rent bicycles or e-bikes.

The landing stage to Fraueninsel and Herreninsel is only 150 metres away from our vacation home. Despite the proximity to the lake, our flat is quiet and protected.

Along the shores of Lake Chiemsee you will find many well-maintained lidos. 150m away is our nearest bathing access in Gstadt am Chiemsee. Individual hidden bathing bays can be reached on a 10-minute walk.

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Bioladen, Hochzeit am Chiemsee

Grundriss der Ferienwohnung Lieblingseck
Grundriss der Ferienwohnung Lieblingseck